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Friday, 14 March 2008

A Nose for Business

Well, we can be all scientific and professional about this.... we can look at the mutual dependency that has driven the domestication of canid species on behalf of hominid survival etc. We can examine the different benefits of dog ownership for an increasingly stressed (and hungry) human global population and all the types of talents used on our behalf by working dogs and gun dogs. We can wrack our brains as to the survival value of the designer dogs carried around by the likes of Paris Hilton (but that would lead us into the realm of imbalance in the use of global resources that I'll pick up at another time). We can view the announcement of UK/New Zealand cooperation to breed the best noses in the business as an advance in the field of preventing transmission of agricultural pests across borders.

Or we can just sit back and enjoy the quintessentially cute litter of beagle puppies in the embedded video...

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