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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Presidential Paws

President-elect Obama's first good decision - a new puppy for the family moving to the White House. Perhaps he's read the Canine Charter and knows what that will do for family health and happiness amidst the pressures of the new job.

His first bad decision would be to listen to dog people about which breed would suit as whatever they chose there will be howls of disapproval. Of course it should be a Velcro Vizsla - a sleek and charming orator (just listen to all the singing vizslas on the web).

Nor should he listen to his Kenyan 'family' where dogs are mostly for guarding or hunting - apart from the stock of labradors fringing Nairobi which provide pampered prey for prowling leopards....

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Chris T said...

Under-promise over-deliver is the normal mantra... but has Obama created too much hype and are expectations now to high??

He will need several puppies at home for comfort I believe if he is to battle bravely and bring back soldiers from Iraq for example., I believe in him though and will support him through the good and the bad.

Arjay said...

Chris - I think you need a dog. (One left.... going, going...)