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Sunday, 2 December 2007

Morally wrong to waste energy?

In 2002, I listened as Sir David Attenborough was asked “what is the one thing you would do to make a difference for wildlife conservation?” He replied “there are two”.

One concerned the spread of disease. As people, their livestock and wildlife are forced into greater proximity, the potential for pandemics increases (Ebola and bird flu were examples in the public eye). Right. The second surprised me – he argued that as women were the resource managers in much of the developing world, enhancing their access to knowledge and skills to make long-term choices on sustainability would have a huge impact. Right again.

Five years on, in 2007, Sir David was asked the same question and did not hesitate....."the one thing we must all do is use less energy. With what we know now, choosing to waste energy must be morally wrong". Yes, the stakes are higher and the answer lies with the choices we make – each and every one of us.

Sir David is a consummate observer...and we watch him introducing us to the diversity of life on earth. If we listened to him as well we might be able ensure a future for that earth that includes life (almost) as we know it.


Christopher said...

I am still under the impression, particularly from what I have seen when I lived/visit less developed countries, that over population is the main problem. And the contradiction is that who am I to question that? I was brought into the earth through no choice of my own like everyone else. BUT, if you walk through london's subway station, or drive through Kawangware slums in Nairobi, you will see, that we are like ants. Thousands and thousands of ants. Just shaped differently, and where our queens are of either gender, and are not necessarily called queens. Agent Smith from the Matrix was right.... we are like a parasite that just breeds like any other species..... BUT, hopefully our brains that got us into this mess, will also lead the way to a solution.

Sorry for the rant to ruin all sense and rhyme and in the blog so far.

bio said...

Sadly, I fear that the ants will have the last laugh. As we outgrow our planet, it is the ants that will be feasting from the decaying big brains of the last humans, who failed dismally to use them.