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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ant Analogies

We are social beings – well, most of us anyway. We are intelligent – well, by our own measures. So perhaps there are lessons for us to be derived from sociobiology on social organization in the face of resource depletion? I admit to a fascination with ants, and we are finding out amazing things about what drives their organization and behaviour... check out the work of Nigel Franks and others from Bristol University -

In full despondency about the small size of the gains made at the Bali Climate Change conference, we might speculate as to whether the major difference between ants and people is that they make the right decisions for their species survival? What do you think President Bush? “T h i n k” I said.


Theo said...

A friend told me recently that engineers study the movements of ants when planning how to build major structures such as airports...

A thinking cap would be a good Christmas present for Bush. Or maybe just a P45?!

Chris T said...

Thank you for adding a sophisticated version to my comment to your blog on Sunday, 2 December 2007 "Morally wrong to waste energy?". On my Macbook I have a little widget (little icons you can have on ur desktop telling u the weather, or latest news etc) and I downloaded one which counts down the time until Bush leaves office. 369 days: 15 hours: 58 mins: 20 secs, so sorry to end on that depressing note.

I dont think he has been a bad president in general, I just think he made bad decisions in bad situations, and definitley there are others pulling the strings behind him.... Its like saying someone can bitch, but they are not necessarily a bitch.