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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Biodiversity loss a minority concern?

Well, perhaps the reality of a changing climate is starting to hit home - even in the U.S a recent survey showed that over two thirds of the American public voted it as the major threat to the planet (listening George?). But where does biological diversity come in the priorities of the voting public? (Answer... "Bio-what?) Two singing canaries to consider:

First a smidgeon of good news. A BMRB report on green values found that two thirds of the UK public agree that we cannot afford to lose any more biodiversity around the world (thank you, Sir David).

Then there's the Chairman's report just released from the 2007 Trondheim biodiversity conference that supports the Convention on Biological Diversity. This argues that unless we do a vigorous outreach campaign reaching into boardrooms and coffeeshops, "biodiversity will continue to be a minority concern" around the world -

It took more than 5 years of detailed, documented scientific research for the climate change evidence to overwhelm (most) sceptics. Biodiversity? Well fortunately we already have the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment pointing the way for the world's ecosystems and the services they provide - see Up to us now to get the stories out there.... how loss of pollinators will lead to the loss of the pollinated, how medicine will suffer from degradation of the natural gene pool, how impoverished we will be by empty forests and drained swamps... even if we manage to avoid meltdown.

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