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Monday, 7 January 2008

It came upon a (quarter to) midnight clear

Not sure about a quarter to midnight, or even 5 minutes to midnight – with the rate of change faster than predicted, 15 seconds to midnight might be more accurate. So thank you to the Archbishop of Canterbury for stressing care for the environment in his Christmas address to his faithful. Cut back on consumerism, protect the glorious bounty and diversity of nature or, according to the Primate of the Worldwide Church, “God’s creation”. Ah. Some of us might have a bit of an issue with this last (and those who do, spend some time “Goring Creationist Oxen” on the Beagle Project blogg Quite honestly though, with the clock ticking, let’s not worry about how biological diversity came about. I’m still grateful for his leadership in noticing that we all need to change our behaviour. And with so many following his teaching around the world, this Primate may have done more for non-human primates than those of us working to conserve them.


nunatak said...

Thanks for the link to our blog. We are very proud at the Beagle Project of our creationist oxen goring cred. I largely agree with what you wrote in your post, but I do have one niggling disagreement: it actually DOES matter what people think about evolution, for the very simple reason that those who will reject science for dogmatic expediency (creationists) are also likely to reject science for political expediency (climate change skeptics).

Arjay said...

Yes, and I share your niggle, even as author. I remain pragmatic however that where science is blocked by dogma, we can still welcome interpretations of belief systems that encourage conservation of biological diversity. Right, where's the next ox.....?