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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Palm oil free Chokolit for Easter?

Ultimate feel good factor here - indulge in delicious chocolate this Easter knowing that you are helping wildlife and supporting an environmentally-friendly business. Louis Barnett was 12 when he started the Chokolit Company and, like many creative and entreprenneurial people, struggling with formal education due to dyslexia.

Many people achieve huge success despite dyslexia, including Richard Branson and (probably) George Washington. Many more struggle for a foothold on the educational ladder, their often intelligent and multi-layered minds working against the linear sequencing required for reading and writing. A few years ago I delved into the difficulties, delights and dilemmas of dyslexia, becoming convinced that we need to cherish dyslexia genes as they will help us survive - even thrive. Today's handicap, tomorrow's selective advantage.

So tuck into that Chokolit; I'd particularly recommend the "Biting Back' bar with the elephant on the wrapper. Premium Belgian Dark Chocolate with Chilli (and nary a smidgeon of palm oil). The chilli bit amuses me... concentrated chillis are quite successfully used as "pepper spray" to keep elephants off farmers crops in both Africa and Asia. Truncated pleasure.

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