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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Rove models and leonine leaders

As The Apprentice illustrates with excrutiating clarity, leadership is an ephemeral quality, a master (or mistress) of disguise.

To mark President Obama's first 100 days in office, Future Earth recognises the greening of the United States of America and offers you two faces of conservation leadership from other continents:

Rove Model. Australian Rove McManus is indeed a Wildlife Warrior. A role model for using communication skills, knowledge, passion, humour (and, O.K. charm!) to good effect. He's out there for the wildlife of the world, and the people co-existing with it, having checked out the issues himself (ask him about presenting farmer-of-the-month awards in Cambodia).

Leonine leader. In Africa, Shivani Bhalla is the recipient of this year's "Young Women Conservation Biologists" award. Maybe she is another candidate for "World's best job", but it needs phenomenal persitence, perspicacity (and, O.K., charm again!) to make conservation gains for carnivores and reduce conflict with communities across their range.

So a grateful shout out to these three types of talent - or maybe a tremendous twitter ...@BarackObama @Rove1974 @Ewasolions

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