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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tropical to Temperate – a SAD story

What were we doing? Why did we ever even consider moving from the bright light and socially-warm tropics to the dismally dark and culturally-chilly temperate zone? Anyone out there considering a similar move... think twice and thrice again. It is sad. People rush to their little homes in their little streets as soon as the light is turned down, currently mid-afternoon. At least in the tropics the sudden blackout at 6.30 signals a move out of the house to bask in the warmth of social interaction. Music starts up somewhere, laughter rings out along the way. But there is an even sadder danger lurking for the tropical to temperate traveler. The real SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder will creep up on you more often than not. Normally optimistic? Why then are you starting to feel depressed as the daylight shortens? Wonder why you need to sleep so much? Your body is hibernating without your mind realizing it. SAD but true…take it seriously…burn a bit of carbon and nip back out to the tropics (or invest in a hi-lux lamp!).

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