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Monday, 26 November 2007

Types and talents

“Myers Briggs Type Indicator” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it? But oh what fun it is to delve into, and what formidable mental barriers it unblocks.

Have a look... and, if you get the chance, take the test, together with all those in your orbit. Sceptics will be shown in their true colours (it’s their type). At work, it will help you realise why one colleague is so desperately shy of deadlines but is tolerated for those creative brainwaves; another genuinely needs to have the different colour pens lined up neatly for document correction. And, crucially, it will help you work out how to get the best out of your working relationship. Sneakily, see if your life partner, or that obstreperous teenager will take it too... the relationship is more likely to weather the storms of misunderstanding. If I had my way, I’d include it in the welcome pack for all representatives at the Bali conference on Climate change The world needs a good resolution.


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