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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Velcro Vizslas

Close connections of the Vizsla kind are deeply engrained. Primitive carvings in stone in the Carpathian region, estimated at 1,000 years old, show the Magyar hunter, his falcon and his Vizsla.

If you have ever come across one of these creatures you will know why the symbiotic relationship between hunter and canine associate has survived, even where the hunting landscape has deteriorated to the level of a computer keyboard in a grey office. Survived and thrived – people owned by Vizslas have nicknamed them Velcro Dogs – they are there at your heel as you move around the house, and they have to be actually in the house, not banished to the yard. What you offer in lifestyle, respect and outdoor exercise, (wo)man’s best friend will return in spades with loyalty and companionship. An easy, rewarding relationship where you are in the driving seat. Sound interesting to those embroiled in the complexities of human partnerships…?

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Christopher said...

good sales pitch, I want one as soon as I own a house with a backyard....