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Monday, 9 June 2008

Eco-friendly Nation?

Oooops, missed "World Environment Day" last week. Ngovi Kitau spotted the opportunity however, and in today's Daily Nation is advising fellow Kenyans what they can do to combat climate change. Three practical suggestions in fact:

Firstly, stop the dumping of cars on Kenya that do not have eco-friendly engines.
Secondly look after Kenya's forests and send out students with saplings to plant at home.
Thirdly (quoted in full) "a
ll Government ministries as well as private sector players need to embrace the International Organisation for Standardisation – ISO 14064 – standards for green house gas accounting and verification published on March I, 2006."

Thank you Mr. Kitau for demonstrating, as MD of a vehicle importing firm (presumably engines with the very latest technology?), that climate concerns can be good business too.


Paul said...

Here's the million dollar question: how can we get those old smog-belching trucks off the road? Is it just a matter of waiting until they die and a new generation of clean engines are phased in?

Arjay said...

Old soldiers (read "trucks in Africa") never die, they only fade away....