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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Sea clearly

Casting an eye today on things marine (with the help of Violet the octopus above) I am swimming against the current of my usual stream of invective about Plastic in Paradise.

Only four years ago, I listened to a marine scientist taling about the new application of the "ecosystem approach" to undersea landscapes, and was astonished by how blinkered marine planning must have been to only just be discovering that connectivity and starting to use that language. Well, as global awareness about the state of our environment has risen since then, marine conservationists have been able to ride the crest of the wave and raise a flag or two in the public eye. All credit to the Marine Conservation Society - especially for providing clear information about what we can do in response even as individuals.

Something to watch closely around the world is leglislation that can follow in the wake of public concern. The creation of marine protected areas is such an obvious response as we look to regain a healthy sea for a healthy planet - but beset still by waves of indifference in public sectors unable to look below the surface of the problem. In the UK though, the legistlative process around the marine bill is launched and is setting sail. All voters and all those concerned beyond the shores of this small island can help provide a fair wind for its smooth passage.

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